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Cucumber Boothby Blonde

(Cucumis sativus) Heirloom from the Boothby family of Livermore, Maine. Heavy producer of oval, creamy yellow, warty fruits with black spines. Excellent crisp sweet flavor, no need to peel. Best when eaten at 4" long. Very good for bread and butter pickles. 55-60 days.
Sow seeds outdoors in 12" diameter hills after the last frost when soil is warm. Space hills 6' apart in all directions. Can also be started indoors 2-4 weeks before the last frost for an earlier harvest. Cucumbers benefit from consistent moisture. Provide support for vines to save space.

Boothbys Blonde Cucumber 60 days. Treasure range from Livermore, Maine, where the Boothby household has actually grown it for a number of generations. It sets high yields of 6″-8″ cream-colored cukes that are sweet and light, thin skinned. Excellent manufacturer.

boothbys-blonde-cucumbers-150x150 Boothbys Blonde Cucumber

Boothbys Blonde is an open-pollinated treasure cucumber popular for its distinct white color and crisp taste. According to the Fedco seed brochure it was “kept for 5 generations by the Boothby household of Livermore [Maine]” It is respected manufacturer of little white fruit with black spinal columns. These cucumbers can be taken pleasure in fresh or maintained by pickling. Our reproducing efforts are concentrating on the enhancing upon its weak points while keeping its finest characteristics. Like lots of cucurbits it is extremely prone to powdery mildew, a characteristic that can bring harvest to a fast end.

Boothby’s Blonde Cucumber requires a moderate quantity of upkeep, so some level of previous experience is available in useful when growing this plant. Make sure that you know the soil, ph, water and sun requirements for this plant and watch out for bugs.

A partial sun position will certainly guarantee your plant flourishes and keep in mind to water frequently. Remember when growing that Boothby’s Blonde is considered tender, so bear in mind to wait up until your soil is warm and the night time temperature level is well above freezing prior to moving outdoors. Use USDA Hardiness Zone 3 – 10 as your standard for the proper environment for this plant. A soil ph of in between 5.5 and 6.8 is perfect for Boothby’s Blonde as it does finest in weakly acidic soil.

You need to plant seeds outdoors in 12″ diameter hillsides after the last frost when soil is warm. Area hillsides 6′ apart in all directions. Can likewise be begun indoors 2-4 weeks prior to the last frost for an earlier harvest. Cucumbers take advantage of constant wetness. Offer support for vines to conserve area.


Heavy yields of unique plump cucumbers with creamy yellow skin. We love its sweet, delicate flavor and oddly endearing appearance. Maintained for five generations by the Boothby family of Livermore, Maine. Recently recognized by the Slow Food Ark of Taste as a historic variety in need of preservation. Great container variety • 3-5” fruit. (Cucumis sativus)

Cucumber Boothby Blonde
 Unique stubby, oval, plump, yellow Maine heirloom, delicate sweet flavor, useful in patio pots, 63 days 

Ease of Growing :    Easy
Grown as :    Annual
Days to Maturity :    55-65 (Spring/Summer)
Growing Habit :    Vine
Crops:    Spring Transplant, Summer
Growing Season:    Short, Long
Cultivar Type:    -
Growing Conditions:    Warm, Hot
Outdoor Growing Temp:    60°F - 90°F
Min Outdoor Soil Temp:    60°F
Start Indoors:    Yes
Start Outdoors:    Yes
Light:    Sun: min. 6 hours daily (Warm, Hot) 
Water:    High
Feeder:    Heavy
Suitability:    Needs lots of space
Small Gardens?:    No
Containers?:    Yes
Attracts beneficial insects?:    Yes
Color:    Creamy white
Fruit Size:    6.0-8.0"
Plant Height:    12.0-24.0"
Plant Diameter:    12.0-18.0"
Taste Profile:    Tender skin with firm crispness, excellent for salad or dipping.