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Eggplant Casper

Eat fresh in early summer, mild flesh, doesn't need peeling, compact plant for patio pot

White, 2 x 6",
Time : 68 days
Germination Tips: 72-80 Degrees F

Breed: Heirloom
Zones: 3-9
Germination: 8-10 days 
Days to Maturity: 70 days
Plant Size: 22-38" inches tall
Head Size: 5-7" inches long
Head Color: White
Comments: Harvest them 5-7" long for tender flavor

 rareseeds : 75 days. Medium size, very attractive, smooth ivory-white fruit that have a very mild mushroom-like flavor. Prolific plant. Fruit ripens early. An excellent variety for specialty growers and gardeners. 

This is an eggplant I will grow every year I am able to garden. It is a beautiful ivory white with mild and delicious flavor and the plants are very productive. I especially like using it as a stand-in for mushrooms in pasta sauce. And in any other recipe calling for eggplant. Never bitter and the skin is completely edible.

These produced slowly in the spring and did even worse in the high heat and humidity of mid-summer, but in late summer they've been producing like crazy. Easy to germinate and under the right conditions they seem to produce quite a bit.

Not a prolific producer for me in the first year, but flavor packed! The best combination of color and flavor I've found in eggplant. The is a subtle earthiness that some have described as mushroom-like, but it goes to more complexity than that. I can't wait to plant a whole slew of them next year, and really explore the culinary limits with these gems!


Casper produces 5-7 inch long fruit, with succulent mushroom-like flavor. With white flesh, this eggplant variety can grow anywhere in the United States.

Eggplant Growing Info

When to Plant:
Sow indoors 8-12 weeks before last frost date. Germination is best at 85° F soil temperature. Transplant outdoors after danger of last frost has passed. Night time temperatures should not fall below 50°F.

Heavy feeders. Sensitive to high nitrogen. Use a high phosphorous fertilizer (5-10-10).
Harvest eggplant when outside skin is glossy and hard. Harvesting increases further production. 
Location:Planting Depth:Soil Type:
Full Sun
1/4-1/2"Well drained, fertile soil, pH 6.5-6.8

Seed Spacing
Row Spacing
Seeds per 100'
Yield per 100'
Seeds per Acre
150 lbs

Eggplant Seeds:
1 Ounce: 6,250 Seeds
1/8 Pound: 12,500 Seeds
1/4 Pound: 25,000 Seeds
1/2 Pound: 50,000 Seeds
1 Pound: 100,000 Seeds
* These are average Eggplant seed counts.  Varieties can vary.
1 Pound = 16 Ounces
1 Acre = 43,560 square feet, or 435'x100'