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Squash Tivoli

posted 16 Apr 2015, 20:49 by Dan Nong   [ updated 16 Apr 2015, 23:57 by Khoa Huynh ]
    Tivoli F1 Spaghetti Squash
F1 first bush-plant Spaghetti squash. Tivoli has a small bush habit that offers high yield potential per plant. Fruits are large and oval in shape, measuring15 x15 cm,~3kg , with creamy-yellow  flesh that is very easy to shred , it will produce short vines after the initial fruit set.
Ideal for home gardens.

Annual or Perennial Annual

Latin Name : Cucurbita pepo

Height : 60cm
Space between plants : 100cm
When to sow: Spring, Summer
Fruit Shape : Oval 
Type : Spaghetti 
Exterior Color : Light creamy yellow
Exterior Characteristics : Smooth 
Plant Habit : Vigorous
Days To Maturity :~ 80
Season: Warm season
Exposure: Full sun
Spaghetti squash (also called vegetable spaghettinoodle squashvegetable marrowspaghetti marrow, and squaghetti