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Apricot Jam

posted 22 Apr 2015, 21:55 by Huynh Khoa
By Amy , the author of The Idea Room.

I recently found this recipe for a pectin-less Apricot Jam on and made a few adjustments to it. It is a little thinner than the pectin Apricot Jam I have made in the past…but it still tastes just as yummy…and personally, leaving the pectin out is preferable to a thicker jam for me.

The jam tastes amazing…and better yet…and looks absolutely beautiful canned in some pretty canning jars. Seriously!! I love looking at my storage shelf lined with these pretty orange jam jars. It’s like bringing the sunshine of the summer into your home.

Apricot Jam Recipe (without Pectin)
8 cups diced apricots
1/4 cup lemon juice
6 cups sugar (I used 4.5 cups)

Canning Jars (Amazon)
new canning lids (in the canning section)
canning rings (optional)
2 large stock pots
jar tongs (or lifter)
potato masher

Get all your materials and ingredients ready and organized before you begin so you are not rushing to find something when you need it.
Sterilize your canning jars by boiling for 10 minutes in a hot water canner.
You will need 5 pint jars or 10 half-pints.
Crush apricots to the size of chunks you desire and then mash them with a potato masher. Do not process in a blender or food processor.
Combine all ingredients in a large stock pot.
Bring to boil over medium-high heat, stirring occasionally until the sugar dissolves.
Once mixture reaches a rolling boil, continue to boil it for up to 30 minutes (mine was about 20 minutes), stirring frequently to prevent it from sticking. The higher the altitude the longer the canning process may take.
Test the jam to see when it is ready by placing a small plate in the freezer. When ready to test pull the plate out of the freezer and then drop some of the jam on the plate. If it jells then it is ready to remove from the heat.
Remove from heat and fill jars, leaving 1/4 head space.
Wipe rims clean and put the 2-piece metal canning lids in place.
Process in boiling water canner for 10 minutes and be sure the jars are completely covered with water. I process mine in a large stock pot. Never place a cold jar into the boiling water.

Canning is a fun process and is actually pretty easy as long as you have the right materials. It can seem pretty scary to someone who has never canned before, but I promise you…you can do it! And the results are totally worth it! Especially in the middle of the winter and you pull out some sunshine in a bottle to spread on your morning toast!

To download a copy of the Apricot Jam Printable Labels click on the link below and then select Previous Downloads: